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What are your greatest recruiting challenges?
As demand continues to grow in the direct care workforce, it seems like finding and keeping the right people is getting harder. Here's what we've learned about the future from speaking with several of the industry's top recruitment leaders.
What we've learned
It's about people.
Qualification is always top of mind, but it shouldn't have you wondering whether the right choice for your next hire is between a passionate or experienced candidate. Read more
Onboarding matters.
How a "day in the life" experience might change how we prepare our workforce for the challenges ahead and leave them feeling more confident and prepared than ever before. Read more
Storytelling for home health care.
Why high quality education and training will help prepare the fast-growing home health workforce for the difficult road ahead. Did you know immersive learning can increase job satisfaction and reduce stress?  Read more
Communication is key.
Much like the practice of health care, communication is both an art and science. Here's why that matters when it comes to trust, assurances, and the relationships that exist between health workers and those they care for. Read more
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Top Questions
Why use virtual reality (VR) for recruitment and onboarding?

We are often asked how virtual reality compares to the flat video-based tools or classroom-based instruction that we are all used to. The differences are significant; but best of all, they are measurable:

  1. VR leads to better initial learning;

  2. VR leads to reduced stress and higher satisfaction;

  3. VR reduces the rate of forgetting;

  4. VR boosts retention versus traditional classroom education;

  5. VR long-term memory retention 4x better than traditional learning;

  6. VR empathy 2x higher than traditional training;

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How will we know if it's working?
You will know IKONA’s VR solutions are working because you will have concrete data to back it up.
Thanks to our ability to measure subjective metrics like satisfaction and confidence and objective measures like learning and retention, you’ll now have a whole new level of understanding of your candidates and whether or not they are the right fit for the job and for your organization.
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How do you measure ROI?
Tracking ROI is an essential part of your responsibilities (and for us, too!), which is why we’re here to provide you with the data you need to make the right decision for you and your organization.
What happens during and as a result of our VR experience must transform those who experience it in a meaningful, measurable way.
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Can I see a demo?
Yes, absolutely.
Feel free to schedule a 20-minute demo with us today. We'd love to show you how we support recruitment teams with interactive storytelling and real-time insights about their candidates.
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