Learn from experience — and train with confidence.
Find out how interactive storytelling develops competence and confidence in frontline staff through experiential learning.
Our challenge
Today, the education and training of the direct-care workforce is insufficient to prepare these workers to provide quality care to older adults.
Regardless of whether older adults ultimately reside in skilled-, home- or community-based settings, the need for direct care workers will continue to accelerate.
A well-trained direct-care workforce will be critical to keeping baby boomers safely in their homes as they age. Evidence has shown that promoting the self-efficacy and confidence of direct care workers and caregivers has a direct impact on care outcomes.
And yet, health care workers serving older patients have high rates of turnover, and maintaining adequate levels of staffing within the industry overall is a persistent challenge.
Industry-wide turnover is at all-time highs
Did you know that we're now at all-time highs for turnover? Assisted living turnover averages 42 percent, CNA turnover in nursing homes averages 71 percent (with many states much higher), and in-home caregiver turnover skyrocketed to an all-time high 82% last year. 
Research has shown that even a 10% reduction of turnover could save nearly 3% of total costs (upwards of $165,000 per facility).
With organizations across the United States spending an average of 11% of their annual budgets on learning tools and technologies for their employees, any opportunity to improve the staff experience from day one while also increasing retention will lead to significant returns on investment.
The opportunity
Fortunately, the solutions to our recruitment, onboarding, and training challenges are now within reach thanks to the proven benefits of virtual reality and the power of interactive storytelling.
Workforce confidence creates trusting relationships, empowerment, and resiliency to persevere when challenges arise — a critical characteristic of the healthcare workforce.
Improving workforce confidence in an interactive storytelling environment combines the impact of higher performance with the neuroscientific advantages of learning through experience.
Our solution
We offer interactive learning solutions to help post-acute care organizations, senior living communities, and home health agencies prepare, educate, and train their direct care workforce.
Interactive stories are designed to be experienced firsthand. They allow us to see, feel, and understand our environments and to communicate effectively in a way that's safe, consistent, and scalable.
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By placing users into a narrative to learn more about living with diabetes, we can help them learn firsthand from a real patient and measure what they're learning and paying attention to along the way.
A compelling story engages learners and leaves them feeling more self-confident, prepared and satisfied with their level of knowledge than when they began.
A library of five- to ten-minute interactive modules provides direct care workers and caregivers with the essential skills and confidence they need to care for others.
There is no better way to learn than from experience, so having the ability to repeat the most effective learning experiences consistently and on-demand will prepare your workforce in ways never before possible.
Gathering feedback is an essential part of any effective familiarization or learning process.
When you add subjective and objective questions to an immersive narrative, it suddenly becomes an interactive learning tool that gives an organization new insights into their workforce's confidence, knowledge retention, and overall satisfaction, for starters.
We see what you see
Finally, virtual reality affords us a window onto attention. At IKONA, we use heatmaps like the one you see below to help us better understand the needs of our users.
Thanks to tools like heatmaps, you can be confident that we understand your organizations' learning objectives and needs from beginning to end, and will consistently deliver the highest quality interactive storytelling modules — one experience at a time.
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