Our mission.

To improve education & training in healthcare

Our approach
We create, distribute, and measure immersive content modules designed to transform the patient experience and train the next generation of healthcare professionals.
Working at the intersection of storytelling, healthcare and technology, we collaborate closely with our partners to identify their challenges and implement research-backed solutions that have been clinically proven to drive meaningful outcomes across healthcare.
Navigating our site
We designed this site to be a resource for anyone interested in learning more about virtual reality's growing role in healthcare.
By using the navigation menu above, you will be able to quickly find everything you need to successfully build or integrate an effective virtual reality solution that suits your needs.
Getting started
What are you hoping to learn more about today?
Depending on how much you already know about using virtual reality (VR) in healthcare, we recommend one of the following options.
Option one: for those of you just getting started or exploring: 
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Option two: for those ready to learn in more depth and detail:
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If you have a question or would like us to include additional resources, please send us a message or reach out at solutions@ikona.health.