VR isn't just better than what you're used to.

When it comes to learning and empathy building, it isn't even close.
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Let's start with the basics: FAQs

Keeping up with virtual reality's growing role in healthcare can be difficult (and overwhelming). Well don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out our FAQs where you'll find research, use cases and more information about our work.

The Brain Science Behind Virtual Reality

If you find yourself wondering why use virtual reality at all, or how it compares to things like text and video, this recent Webcast from the Association for Talent Development is for you. The simple answer? It's because with VR, learning is an experience.

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Beyond our blog posts and the resources you'll find here on our site, we're constantly writing and sharing insights on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Join the discussion and learn from the entire community!

Starting with why: a journey through uncertainty

To give you an idea of where it all began for the team here at IKONA, read about our CEO's personal patient journey and why he felt compelled to find a solution to the challenges of educating patients and training providers effectively.


If you have any questions about how we work, who we work with, or even where to begin, we made this for you.


Todd Maddox, Ph.D.

Learning scientist | Former University Professor

Having studied the brain basis of learning, memory and performance for the last 30 years, the brain science is clear: virtual reality (VR) speeds learning and enhances retention by engaging multiple learning and memory systems in the brain in synchrony. Learners enjoy the experience and gain knowledge while having fun!

Where does "IKONA" come from?
After our neurosurgeon co-founders Kimon Bekelis and George Kakoulides published the results of their randomized controlled trial,the team decided to embrace their roots and establish a company bearing the Greek name for something that recognized the power of imagery to inspire positive change and to help others.
How does it work?

We keep it simple. When you sign up for a subscription, we'll send you everything you need, including your headset!

Check out our FAQs for more details on the "how", "what", and "why" behind how it all works.

OK. I'm interested, what's next?
Once you've had a chance to go through some of the resources we have provided for you here and you decide that you'd like to learn more, you can schedule a demo with us or sign up to start your trial.
Do we need a VR headset?

Yes, but don't worry, we'll be taking care of that! When you subscribe with us, we send as many Oculus Go virtual reality headsets as you need.

Already have an Oculus Go headset? Perfect, just let us know and we'll help you get started.

How much will something like this cost?

Our monthly subscriptions are priced per headset and based on the amount of content that you'd like access to. Subscriptions start at $149/month per headset. More information can be found on our subscription pricing page and in our overview deck.

Reach out to us at solutions@ikona.health with any specific questions on pricing plans or how we support organizations of all types and sizes across healthcare.

Is your content available in 2D formats?

We do not make our content available in 2-D for use on laptops, PCs, tablets, or smartphones. This approach takes into account i) the interactive nature of our content modules; ii) the role gaze-tracking plays in our ability to deliver insights to customers; and iii) the inherent benefits and advantages of immersive technologies that are entirely lost in flat content.

Our platform will not replace your computer-based training programs; rather, it will actually enhance its performance when the two are used together. The two methods are fundamentally different yet complementary offerings in the training space.

So if you find yourself asking these questions...
Is this mandatory training actually working? How do I know it is or isn't?
Will I remember this training in a few months or in stressful situations?

Reach out to us